Yoga for MySelf: Yoga for MS

Therapeutic Yoga Class

For eleven years we have offered Yoga for MySelf: Yoga for MS, a specialized yoga therapy class in Bloomington, Indiana designed to address the specific needs and abilities of those with Multiple Sclerosis. Gentle, therapeutic yoga exercises and postures are modified as necessary and suggestions are given for alternate or supported versions of yoga poses. Class size is restricted in order to ensure that proper attention and supervision are given to each attendee. The class instructor is an experienced, C-IAYT yoga therapist specializing in yoga therapy for MS and other neurological conditions, and has both a personal and clinical awareness of Multiple Sclerosis. 

Yoga for MS - Yoga Therapy Classes

  • Gentle, modified Hatha Yoga appropriate for those with MS 

  • Balancing of muscle groups, nerve stretches, hip and spine mobilization

  • Therapeutic yoga exercises to assist with proprioception, balance, gait  

  • Learning to recognize forms of stress and tension in the body

  • Focus on confidence and body-awareness

  • Using the breath as a natural support during yoga and to decrease overall fatigue and chronic pain

Yoga classes meet weekly in Bloomington Indiana. The facility is appropriate for those with restricted mobility: Handicap accessible parking, no stairs, non-slip floors, and wheelchair accessible bathrooms.

•  Yoga for MySelf classes | Tuesdays at 9:00am

•  3-month modules $120 ($10 per class) | Single class payment $20

•  Ability, energy level, and knowledge of yoga vary. We ask that participants come to class with a sense of humor and respect for others. Please bring a blanket and large towel, and ensure that all phones are turned off BEFORE entering the room.

Individual yoga therapy for MS sessions ​and comprehensive yoga therapy programs are available for long-term therapy and neuropallitaive care. Physician referrals are accepted.


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